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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  September 12, 2010 6:00am-7:30am EDT

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good morning. after canceling yesterday's planned release of three jailed -- of one of three jailed americans, iran now once again saying it is ready to let sarah shourd go, but for a price. also in kentucky, a man kills five people after reportedly getting enraged over his wife's cooking.
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fm the cnn center in atlanta, georgia, this is your "cnn sunday morning" it is 6:00 a.m. where i sit here at cnn headquarters, it is 1:00 p.m. in baghdad. wherever you may be, thank you for being here. i'm t.j. holmes. want to welcome as always our troops watching on the armed forces network in iraq, afghanistan and around the world. thank you for what you do and thank you for being here.t leme tell you what else is coming up over the next 90 minutes of this "cnn sunday morning." a prison break in mexico, but not just any prison break. 85 inmates get out. this happened in the border city reynosa. 85 inmates climb ovewar the wal, many believed to be drug cartel members or hit men for drug gangs. also, it iseth s smallest asian nation and they have some financial problems of their own, but th were still able to come together to try to help the flood victims in pakistan. we'll tell you whathe maldives have done now. also, i want you to look at
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that picture on the right. can we take that up full and let our viewers get a look at that. you're driving down the street, and you're coming up on this, that would probably cause you to throw on your brakes or swerve because you think you're about to hit a kid in the street. but actually it's an illusion. a 3d illusion that is trying to help people slow down a bit. we'll tell you where that neighborhood is and explain that to you in a bit. let me gettarted now with the story out of iran. iran saying it will release one of three american hikers they have been holding for over a year now. we hoped this was going to happen on saturday, but then that was canceled. this conditional release, you see the picture over there, sarah shourd is her name, b now they're possly going to let her go, but it is going to cost. reza sayah is on the story for us this morning. reza, good morning to you. how much does i iran want? >> reporter: $500,000, t.j.
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that's how much they want. this has been a bizarre process in iran, and no doubt a difficult one for sarah shourd and her family to go through, of course. initially iranian officials came out last week and said sarah shourd would be released. then they said she wouldn't be released. and now today, again, they're saying she c be released, in exchange for half a million dollars in bail money. the latest twist came today at a news conference by tehran's revolutionary court prosecutor. the prosecutor saying today that shourd's f sarah medical condition, iran is offering to release her for that ba ail money. i don't think there is any doubt that her famy is somehow going to come up with thatmoney. it is not clear at this point when that's going to happen and when she will be allowed to leave the country. as far as the other two hikers go, shane bauer and joshua fattal, the prosecutor said today they're not going anywhere, they'regoing to remain behind bars. the prosecutor saying their cases are about to be completed and an indictment has been
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issued. these three hikers were arrested last july, july 2009, when they allegedly crossed into iranian territory when they were hiking along the iran/iraq border. the prosecutor today said they haven'tse nfessed to spying, but there is enough evidence that they spied an this is a crime whe you could face the death penalty. so t.j., the ordeal far from over for shane bauer and joshua news for sarah shourd and her family. but, t.j., i wouldn't be surprised if the family holds off on the celebration until she actually arrives on u.s. soil, considerinheg what we have seen over the past few days. >> all right.u reza, i wonder if you can help me with something and our american viewers here, because we're used to hearing the word bail when someone is in jail, and that means you're going to be let out on the condition that you're still going to be tried for something possibly dow the road. help us understand the possible difference here, and it sounds like, of course, if they let her go, chances are she's not going to go back for any kind of trial or anything, so it almost sounds
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like a ransom being paid. >> reporter: yeah, look, the process is similar to what happens in the u.s. she still could be charged. they will expect her to come back for a trial, but in the past, a lot of people who have been arrested in iran, a lot of reigners have foregone that bail money and just left the country and never came back. there is, of course, the case of bahari, the brit iranian filmmaker who was arrest after the post election turmoil in ir. he posted $200,000 bail. he went to the uk and never came back. if, indeed, sarah shourd's family comes up with the half a million dollars, it is very likely she is going to lose that money. it is very unlikely she will go back and face trial. >> how serious is her health condition right now?
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>> reporter: we're not eartl on exactly the details of her medical condition. but her family and her lawyer have suggested that she has a gynecological medical condition and that she needs proper medical care and she's not getting it in prison. of course, it has been almost 1s months that she's been in prison and her family and her lawyer increasingly worried about her health. >> reza sayah with the update for us. reza, we appreciate you as always. thanks so much. want to turn now to federal investigators. they have now narrowed down their focus after this week's huge natural gas fire. it was last week, on thursday. this was in san bruno, lifornia. they narrowed their investigation down now. they're going to be focusing on this ruptured pipe. they want to answer a few key questions here, namely how old is this thing, the maintenance record of it, and also when was it inecteind. some people in the neighborhood complained of smelling gas for weeks before e explosion. this 30-inch natural gas pipeline ruptured and incinerated part of the neighborhood south of san
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francisco. firefighters initially found fos,ur bodies, wondered if they would find more in the charred remains of threeozen destroyed homes. at one point, the police chief raised the death toll to seven. the city stillla trying to expln that discrepancy. meanwhile, senator barbara boxer has gotten involved, demanding answers to some of the same questions that investigators had. sheid tour san bruno, seeing the devastation. she asked whether other cities and towns in california face the same potential danger. >> it is going to take te for the ntsb. typically the vice chairman says these very thorough investigations could te a year or more. so i'm calling on all responsible parties, pg&e and all the regulators, federal and state, to outline a robust t inspection system that begins right now. >> well, a half dozen people still listed as domissing. turning to colorado now,
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calmer weather is helping contain a huge wildfire threatening the city of boulder. firefighters now say the expect to have itde unr control by st tomorrow, tuesy at latest. they fought the fire all week, unable to stop the flame16from destroying 160 homes. colorado's governor declared a state of emergency this week. instigators trying to determine what started that fire. reynolds, you told maboutar this yesterday, they are going to get some help. not rain but a little leaf wire with the weather conditions. >> they were expecting lower humidity and lower winds and may continue into monday and tuesday. so hopefully they'll be able to get a handle on the fire. one thing you might be seeing over the shoulder, a little bit of the trocs. ings a intensifying out there. we have a major storm to talk about. it was igor, it was a tropical storm, it is now a hurricane, possibly a major hurricane as we get into wednesday, or perhaps thursday. we'll let you know if it has any threat to the u.s. more on that coming up. >> no, reynolds, we got to decide. what is the name of the storm? >> i started off with igor.
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there is som people i really respect who say ig. i think it is tomato or tomato. i'm ing with igor. >> we need to stick with something. >> igor. >> igor is what it is. >> done. >> we appreciate it. we'll talk to reynolds in a second. take a look at this as well. can you make out what's on this barge? i will tell you even if you can't. it ithe thing that was e gulf oil keep th disaster from happening. that blowout preventer. it did not work as we kiow. investigators taking a closer look at it to see exactly what caused it to fail. it is nine minutes past the hour here on this "cnn sunday morning." ♪ [ male announcer ] giving up cigarettes can take more than willpower alone. but today's a new day. for many, smoking is a treatable medical condition. so talk to your doctor about prescription treatment options and support. and this time, make it your time.
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for just 37 bucks pakistan is bracing for more rain as a monsoon retreats from the country now. the new downpour comes as many pakistanis celebrate the end of ramadan in makeshift tent cities. the floods have swamped nearly a fifth of the country, killing more than 1500 people. united nations called the disaster the worst pakistan has ever faced. turning to india now, which is right next door, authorities there are keeping an eye on the yamana river. more than 4,00 people in the capital of new delhi were moved to higher grousnd yesterday. officials closed one bridge in towns with more than two dozen trains. all the evacuees in tents and are being prided fd and medicine. reynolds here with us now. certainly a mess. they have been dling with that for, what is this now, how long has it been going on now in
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pakistan? >> several months. >> what is weird is when it comes to the indian ocean, it is almost like a conveyor belt of one storm after another after another after another. they do athave flooding there. what issi interesting is in another si of the world, off the coast of africa, it is a similar thing. we have one storm after another. but those come out and that's where you have the acti tropics. they're really cranking up rht now. >> is this dude going to be a problem, igor? >> igor/igor? it is going to be a tremendous storm. the way it looks now, it m become a category 4 storm, winds in exs cess of 135 miles hour. that's the bad news. the way it looks, it may be staying away from the u.s., may not make landfall whatsoever. let's walk over here and show you what we have in terms of the possibilities with the storm and many others like it. let's give you the big picture. man, do we have a lot to share with you. take a look at this. we have this one wave off thee african coast, one we're keeping an eye on. then we have igor/igor, we'll go with igor. we have those two to deal with. we have another one here, an
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area of concern that is now moving into parts of the caribbe caribbean. this area will become a named storm possibly by the end of this week. we have ree potential storms one is alrea a fairly strong storm, very strong category 1 with sustained winds of 75 miles an hour, gusting to 90. igor moving west at 17 miles per hour. notice the numbers nd a 4, expect it to be a category 4 storm by the time we get into wednesday evening. winds of 135, gusts of if160. if we extrapolate or extend this pa, i woul think there say good chancethe storm may turn well to the north and out of harm's way. but still it is ea rly. there is a lot of unknowns with this. quickly, national weather, what we can anticipate today, a frontal boundary on the eastern seaboard, we can expect scattered showers from maine southward on through the nation's capital, on the florida panhandle and in cenal texas. that's a quick snapshot of your forecast. unfortunately dry conditio continue in the rockies which means tough times continue for the firefighters. . ankfully, t.j., weakert' wind. so that's goodhe news. >> we appreciate the good news.
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reynolds, appreciate it as always, buddy. steali, you can really work up an appetite when you're out there stealing stuff, especially when you're stealing a six-foot python. what would yo pu do after you pl off that theft? you have to stop by mcdonald's, right? we'll explain the the and the pit stop comingup. it's 13 minutes past the hour. when i was seventeen, i was not good to my skin. long summer days, and not enough sleep. what i wouldn't do for a do-over. [ female announcer ] neutrogena® clinical skincare,
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quarter past the hour. let me give you a look at some of the stories making headlines right now. mexican police on a nationwide manhunt today for 85 inmates who escaped from a prison in the border city of reynosa. the men used a ladder to clear a wall friday, then disappeared into the surrounding neighborhood or possibly crossed into t border city of an, texas. police consider many of the capees drug cartel or hit men for drug gangs. also, a man shot andfi kill five people in eastern kentucky before killing himself. police shis started as a domestic argument. ap is repting in fact that the man got enraged over the way his wife cooked his eggs at breakfast time. the man's name is s'stanley nea, that's who the police identified the sothoer as. they say he shot and killed his wife, stepson and threers other.
6:17 am
police heard a gunshot as they pulled up to the neace's trailer. a barge hauled the object some of real gulf oil work, detective work, to a nasa facility in new orleans. the focus here, bp's broken 300 ton blowout preventer, the device that should have prevented the gusher. crews pulled it off the ocean floor a week ago. engineers will try to figure out why it failed in april and allowed millions of gallons of oil to spew into the gulf. 17 past the hour. i'm right back. with wanchai fer? you can make it in just 14 minutes. mmmh, orange chicken. great. i didn't feel like going out anyway. [ male announcer ] wanchai ferry. restaurant quality chinese in your grocer's freezer. super amoled screen. six-axis 3d gaming
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well, 19 minutes past the
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hour now he on this "cnn sunday morning." reynolds and i want to share a picture with .you. this is -- i think the first surveillance video, guy trying to steal a six-foot phon. check this ouhet. they kind of got the deal down. this is in australia, actually. these guys go into a pet shop python, this six-foot grab a lizard aswell. there is some dangerous stuff they're doing here. now, they worked up an appetite, apparently, after stealing that python. and now we have a picture, i believe, of these guys in the parking lot of mcdonald's. we don't have that picture. >> we don't? >> they went tnao mcdonald's, tt mcdonald's, in australia, but they stole the python and then they went to the parking lot and then the had some struggles with it. >> you often wonder when you see something like this if they go to mcdonals, are these mcrib kind of guys, hankering a quarter pounder? what what these guys eat? >> you clearly work up an appetite doing all this. didn't have a picture of them in the parking lot.
6:21 am
that was the other part of the story. i don't know if you've seen this video yet, but get a good look at the monitor. this next story, if you're driving down the street, this happens to be in canada, but if you're driving down the street and see that, what do you see? >> i see a kid getting very big. i mean, first reaction it looks like a kid in the middle of the road playing with a ball. >> look at that closely. you're driving down the street, you would think you're about to come up and hit a kid. that's the idea behind this. and it gives this 3d illusion, but they're trying a new system here to try to get people to slow down by giving this 3d illusion. naturally, reynolds, you could fool somebody, so what could possibly be the problem here? >> people would get used to it, become accustomed to it, so when you a real situation with a real child chasing the ball, there -- there you go. >>he other part people are concerned about, possibly what if you see that and think it is a real child and you swerve and you actually do hit, god forbid, a child or another vehic because you're swerving trying
6:22 am
to miss what you think is a -- >> that's ait terrifying prospe. it really is. scary stuff. >> once you get used tous it, you'll just speed through that neighborhood again. one more, going to share with you here, you'll love this one. have you seen this yet, folks? it is blowing up on the internet. this is kind of an internet sensation. this is a clip from an upcoming season of "amazing race". the contestants are supposed to launch water mellens at targets andn' one young lady doesn't us this slingshot so well. she pulls back. we don't have that video? >> i got stories here, i don' have video for. i can't tell the story without the video. >> we're still good storytellers. i bet you can convey this message beautifully, just right here, old-fashioned style. >> youeon supposed to pull on the sling. >> slingshot. >> and launch the watermelon. so instead of a rock, you have a giant fruit. >> it doesn't goingo direction it is supposed to go and comes right back and smacks the girl in the face. >> they have this thing called darwin's theory, survival of the
6:23 am
fittest d basically, you know, you have something that is not really smart, mbe it is best gone way of the dodo bird. th is not a good thing that happened to her. we're seeing it. we're seeing it. there you go. >> we got it now? >> it comes back. >> that's so unfortunate. this is so bad. wow. >> how good of a storyteller you are. that video tells the story better than i ever could. she appears to be okay. but that is painful if you're trying to launch a watermelon and it clearly ricoch ets and goes right back and hits you. >> not the original objective. going out this direction is the wayou want to go, going backwards -- >> here we go again. >> backwards and to the left. >> this is a try ande right in the -- boom! >> wow. b >> we believe she's okay, we think. >> healthwise, but you wonder, is there some kind of -- is she going to have some issues, i mean, long-ter tha you don't
6:24 am
end up -- you don't walk away from that unscathed. bru bruises can heal, bumps can go down, but long-term effects, this is not going to be good. >> 23 past the hour. >> can you imagine her in the produce section of a grocery store? every time she sees watermelon, she's going to go nuts, man. it is going to be scary. cou ng up here, we'll take you to the tiny asian country, the smallest asian country there is, maldives. they have their own problems there. but they're trying to help out. the problems are so bad that they had to have an underwater mmit last year to bring attention to their problems. now they're focusing on the problem of another country, their neighbor,ng t tryihelp them out. it is 24 past the hour. reynolds and i are going to try to figure out the long-term mental health of --
6:25 am
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and good morning. welcome back to this "cnn sunday morning." a live look this morning in new york city, september 12th, 2010 we, of course, saw all the commemorations yesterday, the ceremonies marking the nine-year ckanversary of those attacks of tiseptember 11th. you can still make out just a bit this picture we're showing , to you here, every year they put those two beams of light to show where those towers essentially once stood. and that goes over t skyline of new york. they do it for one night, they do it one night on september 11th, and you can see the -- the sun is coming up, starting to get daylight, you can't make it out as well, but it was up last night, always just a beautiful site to see the two beams of light go up into the air to symbolize the twin towers and where they once stoo next year we'll be coming up on the ten-year anniversary since
6:27 am
those terror attacks. yesterday, of course, the nation paused to remember. cnn's sandra endo looking back. >> reporter: bell marks 8:46 a.m. when american airlines flight 11 hit the north tower of the world trade center, and a nation was changed forever. at ground zero, where worknt continues on a permanent memorial, mourners gathered saturday to pay tribute to the nearly 3,000 lives lost on september 11th, 2001, when 19ve hijackers took over four commercial airliners, and those planes crashed into the world trade center, the pentagon, and shanksville, pennsylvania. in washington, president obama laid a wreath for the 184 victims who died at the pentagon. >> this a is a day of membrance, a day of reflection. >> reporter: and in shanksville, first lady michelle obama and former first lady laura bu prayed in remembrae for the 40
6:28 am
victims who perished aboard united flight 93. this open field is wher the plane crashed here invi shanksville, pennsylvania. construction is under way for a permanent memorial and they hope the first phase will be completed by the 10th anniversary of this tragic day. >> as we mentioned, investigators are narrowing their search into what caused a deadly pipe explosion in san francisco, just outsi of san francisco. cnn has now obtained exclusive video of people reacting to the blast as it happened. at the same time, a lot of people as well out the, in your owbon neighborhoods, thinkg can something like this possibln happen in my own neighborhood? how widespread are the une dergroked,d pipelines that to be checked, need to be inspected more often, maybe a little old? josh levs looking into that for us. some scary stuff here. everybody wondering could my neighborhood go up like that? >> you mightny not realize how many miles of these pipelines
6:29 am
lie beneath our country. it is in the millions. i'm going to tell you how many are carrying what is called hazardous liquid. that's coming up next. you want some fiber one honey clusters? yeah. you must really care about him. what? you gave him fiber. this tastes way too good to be fiber. they're delicious crunchy clusters with sweet honey and half a day's worth of fiber. you care about my fiber? not really. [ male announcer ] fiber one.
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good morning, everybody. welcome back to thi "cnn sunday morning." i'm t.j. holmes. it is 6:30 werh e i sit in atlanta, georgia. 3:30er out in san bruno,
6:32 am
california. wherever you are, glad you're right here with me. i'm going to give you a look now at some of the stories we're keeping a close eye on, including in iran, where they have now put a price on the release of the american hiker sarah shourd. she is one of three americans jailed in the islamic republic for more than a year. state media reports "a tehran prosecutor as saying he's prepared to release her on $500,000 bai" the three hikers have been detained in iran since july of last year on suspicion of espionage. also, a suspected u.s. drone strike kills five presumed militants in pakistan this morning. intelligence officials tell cnn the strike consisted of two missiles fired into a suspected militant hideout in north waziristan. the region borders afghanistan. officials say similar strike s st week killedilitant there. and from t bottom of the gulf of mexico to the center of a federal investigation, you're looking at, on that barge there,
6:33 am
the blowout preventer from the bp oil disaster, you know, the preventer that did not p reve a blowout. it is now in the hands of investigators in new orleans. authorities used a barge to move the 300 ton device along the mississippriver. try to ators will now determine why it failed and allow millions of gallons of oil to spill io the gulf of mexico. want to turn back now to san bruno, california, now, where federal investigators are focusing on a decades old natural gasipe that may have been the root cause of thursday's devastating explosion and fire. four people are confirmed dead, six more now are still unaccounted for. the neighborhood pretty much reduced to rubble. cnn's ted weland rolands has tt on the investigation. >> reporter: surveillance video from inside lanardi's grocery store shows the power of the blast and then chaos. watch closely. at first, people stop what
6:34 am
they're doing and then a few seconds later, the doors are literally pushed in by the fore ofhe explosion. frantic customers are seen running from one of the exits while others tri desperately to get out of the store. one of the victims, 20-year-old jessica morales, worked at this very store. jessica's friend, dana hernandez, shed us jessica's facebook page which, today, iso filled with condolence messages. aaccording to dana, jessica's boyfriend who is hospitalized with third degree burns, was wi jessica when she>> died. >> he tried to go back in and save her but he couldn't do anything because the fire, i guess, was getting her. >> reporter: at least four people lost their lives in this tragedy and cadaver dogs are being used to search for the missing. but because of the intensity of the blast, it is possie, investigators say, the missing, if they were killed, may never be found. meanwhile, pressure is building for answers as to exactly what could have caused this explosion.
6:35 am
>> many questions must be answered by all of us whose job it is to protect our people. what was the cause of this blast, of course, first and foremo, were there reports that there were odors escaping from the pipeline? if there were those reports, what actions took place in response to thospl complaints? does danger lie in similar pipelis in populated areas? isg there enough monitoring goig on. >> reporter: the localas 're any, pg&e, says they scouring through records to verify rorts tt people smelled gas in days before the explosion. more than a thousand people showed up to a community meeting, many othem demanding answers as to when they would be able to get back into their homes and if their neighborhoo is truly safe. the national transportation safety board is the lead agency in the investigation. at this point they have not come to any conclusions. and they warn that it could take months before a cause is determined. d rowlands, cnn, san bruno,
6:36 am
california. all right. 35 past the hour now. want to bring injosh levs. josh, a lot of people, you sit in your neighborhood, you never think something like this could happen, but i found myself in my neighborhood sayme wow, could somethin g like that happen her? people don't realize just this network of pipelines that might be running right through your neighborhood. >> it huge. people don't realize it. it is pretty much everywhere. no matter where you are in this country, i'll ow you some that will help bring it home. look at this, let's zoom in. the blue lines, this is from the department of energy, these blue lines everywhere you see them, those are interstate pipelines in this country and the red lines are inside the state. they're absolutely everywhere. you got this huge mess of them, especially down here in the south, through texas, oklahoma and that region. all over the country, no matter where you are, you have a massive mess of lines. let megive you some statistics about them so you understand the big picture here and how this is impacting -- see if i can get there, how this is impacting - it is not working. ll tell you a little bit. let's go to the i-reports and
6:37 am
i'll tell you how widespread these are. this is what we know right now. 2. million miles of these lines exist underneath our country. and what we're hearing is that there are at least 3,000 companies that oversee all these different lines. now, clearly these instances, like we have been seeing in this i-report, is very unusual. this is not the kind of thing that happens very often. the fact that these are underneath us does not automatically mean you're in danger. but the reality is these lines, when you have 2.5 million miles of these lines, enough to go all the way around the earth a hundred times and we have 3,000 different companies overseeing them this is when you start to the questions we're getting now, some lawmakers in congress are saying this and also you're hear something people around the country saying this, including some i-reporters who went out safely, i'm going to emphasize this, only safely, go out and take these pictures. to them before we show them on the air. they're saying, look what is being enough, is eough being done to oversee all the millions of miles of lines in this map and this, t.j., is what a lot of
6:38 am
people are concerned about right there are questns being raised bnow. about whether more needs to be in general, whether thisas unusual that enough is already done or if general we need a much stronger network overseeing allf this, all over the country, that unfortunately could result in sothing tragic like we saw here in california. >> never imagine something like that could happen to a neighborhood, three dozen homes destroyed by a gas pipeline explosion, something like is, josh. we appreciate it this morning. thanks so much. 37 past e hour now. i want to tell you about the biggest prison break in mexican history and came from a facility that is quite close to the u.s. we'll tell you why prison guards are also in trouble this morning. what's up, everybody. this is ludacris letting you know we can make an impact on kids. i'm here volunteering my time, my celebrity, and along with a lot of other individuals we will come out to volunteer for this school. they haven't had a playground r well over 15 years and everyone needs to know that
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42 minutes past the hour. reynolds, we have seen these cases timee after time since [ inaudible ] this case in point out of las vegas, fbi looking into a passenger's comment, the plane was going from vegas to phoenix. now put this in perspectiv t plane took off and had
6:43 am
mechanical problems and had to turn back around and land in vegas again. already passengers are upset. apparently a couple was on the plane and a man, woman, maybe got into it. he said something that just has been deemed right now inappropriate, so the fbi had to get involved, he might be taken off the flight, he was questioned for a little bit, nobody arrested, but still i think it is another -- and yesterday, september 11th, it is another good reminder, you have to be careful what you say on the plane. >> you do. very sensitive time. what set him off in the first place? out of fresca on the plane? what happened? >> who knows. but he was leaving vegas, maybe just lost some money. >> and going back again. you got to watch what you say. >> you do, again, another cautionary tale here, folks, can't just say anything on a plane these days. if you mean it or not, people will take it as a threa oftentimes. >> speaking of saying things, do you like igor or igor in terms of saying the name of the storm. >> you had me on igor yesterday. >> but doesn't igor sound better? >> this thing is kind evil.
6:44 am
>> the bad news about it is we expect the storm with maximum sustained winds to inteify over the coming days. the way it looks now through possibly well into next week, this thing may not affect the united states at all. at least it may affect it indirectly. might have some heavy surf along the coastline, but direct hit on the united states, or anyone, it looks like this may stay out to sea, which would be called a fish storm. there are areas of possible development we'll watch later on this morning. something else we're watching, a string of showers popping up along parts of the eastern seaboard this morning. a few of the places dealing with the heavy rainfall would be on the outer banks of north carolina, not far from charleston. we're seeing rain develop in there too. and the reason why we're seeing this beginning to pick is up pretty simple. we have a stationary front or an area of low pressure with that boundary that extends right across parts of the florida anhandle and along the 19 corrid corridor. in texas, that has been dealing with allinds of rainfall from houston to dallas, even into austin, guess what, you're going
6:45 am
to have the bull's eye again right into parts of central texas due to the possibility of heavy rainfall. unfortunately backn the four corners, no such luck for you there. firefighters would love some heavy rainfall in parts of the front range of the rockies, up in boulder. looks like we'll have the lower humidity, possibly moving back to the forecast ase get into wednesday and thursday. but in terms of rainfall, rain is not going to be in the picture. look for scattered showers eastern half of the great lakes, temperatures along the great lakes from chicago back over to places like detroit should be fairly comfortable. looks like we're going to be seeing the highs climb back into the 70s and 80s in a few locations. 80 degrees, chicago. 68 in boston. 91 in atlanta. muggy day here, summer is still hanging on, no question about it. 68 in san francisco. 8 in los angeles. 92 in dallas. humidity and 91 in houston. going to feel like it is 100 degrees or so. always seems warm in ohouston. doesn't really cool down until about february. back to you. >> almost time for spring again. there we go. reynolds, we appreciate it as always, buddy it is a quarter to the top of the hour on this "cnn
6:46 am
sunday morning." stick around. we're right back. all theutrition of total, plus 10% daily value omega-3 ala, and delicious honey almond crunch. new total plus omega-3. i [ male announcer ] it's luy with fire in its veins. bold. daring. capable of moving your soul. ♪ and that's even before you drop your foot on the pedal. ♪ the new 2011 cts coupe from cadillac. the new standard of the world. super amoled screen. six-axis 3d gaming
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6:49 am
well, about ten minutes until the top of the hour now. and cry for help from below the indian ocean. take a look at this. we shared this story with you last year here on cnn saturday and sunday morning. these are cabinet ministers from the republic of maldives. the island nation held a global warming summit underwater. this was last fall. goa lot of attention at the time, but they're getting attention this morning and we're sharing the story about them for a different reason. going to get back into this underwater summit in a second but we love showing that video. using hand signals now to communicate during the meeting. our cnn editorial producer nadia bilchik withs as well. now attention for another reason, amazing what they're doing. >> they're having a tough time. here is this group of islands in
6:50 am
the indian ocean and they're concerned about rising water levels, so concerned that they say in 90 years time, by the year 2100, they'll probably be completely undeater. and yet they have managed to get together on friday, ramadan, the end of ramadan, and raise money for pakistan. they raised a million rufia. one dollar buys you 12.75 rufia. so it is about 50$78,500. and this is a country themselves that are experiencing a difficult time, tourism is dow it is rebounng, but it is down. and the broadcasters and the enrtainers and politicians got together and said let's have a help pakistan telethon day and just so magnanimous, the entire country go t togeer to raise money for flood victims and just really heart warming. >> this was supposed to be a time of servic during the end f ramadan. it looks like they chose to serve. this is a tight -- the smallest
6:51 am
asian country in population a land. >> only 400,000 people. and they raised all this money. they raised some money before, so altogether they gave an enormous amount of money to pakistan flood victims at a time that they needed it. so a good sunday morning story. >> it is. in the gingsnd scheme of things as much money as they need in pakistan right now, the $77,000 doesn't sound like a huge contribution from a country, but for them, that is a really huge gesture. >> they raised the million rufia for the telethon and 3 million prior to that. >> you got another feel good tory. >> another story. more charity, this time, maybe on a smaller level in taiwan. a man is arrested last week for stealing a bicycle. the police investigate, they find the man is so poor that he's stolen the bicycle to give to his daughter to drive to -- to ride to school and also he goes to the hospital often. he's very will. and he needed this bicycle. so the police, rather than arrest him, they give back the bicycle to the original owner,
6:52 am
but what they do is they raise o money, these two policemen, to give to this family. now, so povertken is this man in central taiwan that he lives in a container near a cemetery. very, very poor. now, are we saying stealing is right or wrong, but the mpassion these m two policemen to raise the mon and give ts man and his daughter a bicycle. >> that's a great story this morning. >> two happy stories, and charity, let's all be tgnanimous and charitable. man's humanity to ma >> nadia, why don't you stick around, let's talk about more humanity right now for a little while. i need to go to commercial break in a second. nadia bilchik, always good to are you contributing to us on the weekends. we appreciate having you and appreciate your work on those stories, bringing them to us. >> thank you. >> thank you so much. coming up, a lot of you will remember in school, or might remember your kids doing this now, you do drills in school, some earthquakeills, or tornado drills, where are they having to do drills in ce of
6:53 am
gunfire breaks out? we'll tell you where this is happenin it is eight minute until the top of the hour. with capital one's venture card, we get double miles on every purchase. echo! so we earned a trip to the grand canyon twice as fast. uh-oh. we get double miles every time we use our card. i'll take these. no matter what we're buying. plus the damages. and since double miles add up quick, we can bring the whole gang. it's hard to beat double miles. no, we ride them! [ male announcer ] introducing the venture card from capital one, with double miles on every purchase every day.
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6:56 am
you remember fire drills in school? we had a lot of tornado drills where i went tochool in arkansas. but every child in the u.s. has been through some kind of dri at one time or another during the school year. students are practicing gunfire drills at a school in mexico. they're learning what to do when llets start flying. another diurbing reason that juarez, mexico, known as the word capal of the world, because of its drug cartel wars. raphael romeo reports.
6:57 am
>> reporter: at the blow of a whistle, child tren immediately drop to the ground and cover their heads. this is not a physical education exercise. for these children in juarez, the most violent city in mexico, it is a lesson that may save their lives. we teach them not to run, says this police officer, in charge of the training who adds thathi the most important thing is for kids not to panic and start running in all directions. the security program was created earlier this year after a man was shot to death just outside a school. the school now looks like a military compound with bars all around it and barbed wire over its walls. this father of a student at that school says that the shooting happened during recess when som parents bring snacks to their childrd.en, and students get ou to the playground. somebody could have been killed by a stray bullet. this school principal is grateful that so far no child
6:58 am
has been killed or wounded in spite of the frequent violence around schools. it is very unfortunate thatur o children nowadays have to live with this environment, says the school principal who fully supports the security training program. there was some controversy surrounding the program when the governor of the state of chihuahua where juarez is located said it sent the wrong message, but school officials said their priority is to keep children safe and this program may do just that if shooting erupts just outside the classroom. raphael romo, cnn, atlanta. goo morning. after canceling the release of one of three jailed americans, iran once again saying sarah shourd can go. but for a price. w> and igor, now at hurricane strength, we'll tell you where this storm is headed. hello to you all from the cnn center in atlanta, georgia,
6:59 am
this is your "cnn sunday morning." 00 a.m. where i sit here in atlanta. wherever you may b r thank you for being right here with us. re en will she or won't she be released? we havbeen getting different stors and some would say even a run around possibly from iran, but a prosecutor now saying that sarah shourd will be released, but bail needso be paid afirst. this after raying her release was canceled because the judicial process was not complete. she is one of three americans being detained in iran, been detained there for the past year. our international correspondent reza sayah live for us covering the story for us in islamabad. how much do they want, reza? >> reporter: iranian officials, t.j., are saying give us w 0,000 in bail money and will release sarah shourd. this wholeprocess has been a bizarre one in iran. of course, initially,ranian officials came out last week and said sarah shourd will be released and tthnohen ey said, , she's not going to be. released.
7:00 am
again today, they're saying she can be released in exchange for $500,000 in bail money. the announcement was made today at a press conference by tehran's revolutionary court prosecutor. the prosecutor saying, according to state media, that beuse of sarah shourd's medical condition, iran is offering to release her and allow her to go home in exchange for that bail money. i just got off the phone with a laewyer representing all three hikers, and he tells me that everything is in place, they're waiting for the $500,000 to be deposited into an account, and a swiss embassy is going to play a rolen all of this. iran and the u.s. do not have diplomatic relations, so in situations like this, it is the swiss embassy that plays the role of mediator. as far as the other two hikers, shane bauer and joshua fattal, a prosecutor today said they're not going anywhere, they're going to remain behind bars. theyay an indictment has been issued against them and their
7:01 am
investigated.g t.j., of course, all three of these hikers were arrested in july 2009, about 13 months ago, when they allegedly crossed over to iranian soil and were hiking along the iran/iraq border last year. so good news for sarah shourd, but it seems the ordeal for the other two hikers i far from over. >> so why is that, reza? is this possibly a goodwill ingesture because we have been hearing the reports that possibly she is notn god health? >> reporter: well, it is nt clear what it is right now. nitially it seemed to be a goodwill gesture with the initial move last week. of course, according to state media, it was president ma hud ahmadinejad who intervened and said sarah shourd will be released to mark the muslim holiday eve, in the spirit of forgiveness and compassion. then all of a sudd aen the judiciary came up and said, no, the legal proceedings haven't
7:02 am
been completed. she's not going anywhere and it is ultimately the judingciary tt is making the final conditions of her release with that $500,000 in bail money. and, t.j., this really is an indication of divisions and significant fractures within the hard-line leadership of iran. clearly there are branches within this government and leaders that are not on the same page, and not consulting one another, and this process has ally been a debacle for the iranian government. >> reza sayah for us on thng story this morning. we appreciateou as always. want to turn now to politics here in the u.s. there is going to be another tea party in washington today. activists are expected to descend on washington for a political protest and rally, similar to what we saw a year ago. this is the one we saw last year. they're abdicating for smaller governments, but with the midtermelecons tw months away, this time might have a lot
7:03 am
more political weight. kate bolduan, a friend of our show, joini us from washington. kate, ways good to see you. are we going to see something very similar to what we saw last year? >> similar in the logistics of the rally, but they say this is a different tea party. leaders and activists i've been talking to say the main differen about this year is the level of engagement and enthusiasm. this is what i mean. last year's rally was the first time the tea party movement at large began to coalesce. that's what the y leaders say, t this year's rally comes on the heels of a string of primary victories for tea party-endorsed candidates. they can tout tangible success from their new found organization.>> >> i'll be a captain at station 23. >> reporter: until last year, gina bell of cincinnati, ohio, was a-political. >> i was always conservative in my nature, never did a thing, never made a phone call, never went door to door until the 2008 election.
7:04 am
>> reporter: now she's a tea party leader in cincinnati, ohio. bell and fellow activists from across the country are converging on washington as they did last year. >> can you hear us now? >> reporter: to rally against big government and for fiscal responsibility what is yo goal? what is your hope for this year's 9/12 rally? >> to motivate people before the midterm election. the rallies are always great to get people energized and so just build off of that energy, go some, and ge involved with campaigns that will make a difference. >> reporter: and it is a different political haclimate. look no further than the string of victories by tea party-endorsed candidates in congressional primaries fm kentucky to nevada to alaska. >> i think there is a lot of political power in this decentralized movement. and you don't need a lot of money, you don't need the endorsement of the national party because if you're on the
7:05 am
ground, getting o the vote, talking to your neighbors, that results in victories. he>> reporter: matt kicky is th president of freedom works, conservative washington think tank organizing the weekend lly. we were here ago, almost to the day, what has changed within the movement? what has changed since last year as we approach 9/12 again? >> 9/12 was a coming out party, first time everybody got together in one place at one time. this year the tea party movement is far more sophisticated, far more developed and it is probably tenfold bigger. >> reporter: when the rally ends, the rubber meets the road in just over 50 days. the first major election since the tea party movement camewn io its own. but kibby says that's nowhere near the end. >> the real test for the tea party is not november 2nd, it is november 3rd. we'll have this new generation of political leaders that have come in on the tea party wave and then the question on november 3nrd is are they actually going to govern as
7:06 am
fiscal responsible politicians. >> reporter: and that's one theme in this stubbornly decentralized movement both leaders and the boots on the ground agree on. >> we're going to be watching. we're notalking away and we're not going back to our tvs, yo know, and we're going to be there. >> so the day's events begint 10:00 with a nondeninational service at the washington monument and the big rally kicks off at 2:00 at the capitol, like last year, following ava march bounce pennsylvania avenue. cwoulmplicating factor you would not have known it from the beautiful pictures from yesterday, but today it is forecast to rain much of the day as it is right now. we'll see if that complicates things for the big rally. >> oh, is that why youe inside this morning, kate? >> yes. it is not because i'm worried about my hair either. we had major power issues, still setting up the stage. >> one more thing here,ph how mh emphasis or are they putng any emphasis this year on making sure they tone it down? there are always individuals
7:07 am
that get the attention when they bring out signs with the nasty slogans or something on it. are they trying to make sure they get that message out to people that, hey, we don't need that kind of stuff. >> they're definitely not telling people to leave the signs at home. this is definitely -- this is very much a little ralwl politi they made a point to say that it is. as they said throughout the year, especially since last year's rally, they said the people that are making -- saying those very extreme statements, those aren't the core -- those aren't the real tea party activists. those are extreme elements that are kind of -- that gravitate to large movements as they would be it a liberal movement or conservative movement, they shy away and everyone i speak to says we are -- we are not angry, we are concerned. and that's definitely trying to be the message that ty're sending today. we'll see. >> some concerned possibly about the weather as well. >> exactly. >> we'll check in with reynolds in a iasecond. appreciate it. good as always to see you, kate
7:08 am
bolduan. well, i don't know how good your eyesight is, folks you think you could see something 24 away?n miles you would have prettygood eyes, wouldn't you? look at the sky, this evening. you might be able to see that. we'll explain exactly what it is, where it is, and why you'll be able to seeit. reynolds wolf here with us live as well. reynolds -- >> we'll be able to see the monday. >> that wasn't the moon, was it? >> that's part of the tease, i think. yes, there it is. a crescent moon, how beautiful. and something else, we'll tell you what that green orb is. may be easy for everyone to see with the help of our fancy weather computers, it will be a big hurricane which will be a major hurricane in a several days. i'll let you know when the threat might be to the united states coming up in a few minutes. we'll see you in a few. you're watching "cnn sunday morning." [ drums playing ] [ male announcer ] 306 horsepower.
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nine minutes past the hour on this "cnn sunday morning." and there will be a rare treat for you astronomy buffs out there. reynolds, you has beppen to be ? >> somewhat. >> you're the meteorologist here. aren't you required to be into astronomy? >> for the case of this story, i'm the biggest astronomy buff of all time. >> venus wl have asighting ehis evening, but visible to th naked eye, i'm told. this thing is 24 million miles a way, these pictures coming to ur from one of our i-reporters, took the shots from pensacola, florida. this was yesterday didn't have a telescope, no special lens, just looked up,
7:11 am
took the picture. now, one shot is of -- you're my astronomy expheinre now. >> i think that is a lightning bug that went by the camera lens. that's my belief. >> which is which? you're right, i thought it was e moon. >> you have the moon there. the other shot is venus. you have to have decent eyesight to be able to see it. not just, you know,our eyes are somewhat poor, you might have a few issues. >> they say 30 minutes after sunset is the best time to see this. >> set your watch, man. i'll remember that. eyesight is great. i had that do it yourself home lasik surgery, the results were not good. let's just say if you have somewhat better eyesight than mine, you'll d be okay -- >> wre did y ou get that package, the do it yourself? >> a story for another time. one thing easy to see is igor. >> we're going toigor. >> we're going with igor. igor is going to an area with warm water, basically like pressing the accelerator with high octane fuel with this thing, going to get big and strong and happens to be right here. easy to see.
7:12 am
this storm system is turning away. over the last couple of hours, you see it intensify, northeast quadrant of the storm, deep cothnvection there. with the storm, the intensification is expected to lead it off to the west, possibly becoming a category 3 storm monday evening. as we get to wednesday evening, winds of 135 miles per hour, gusts to 160, that is a catego 4 hurricane. they get as high as 5. a very good chance the storm may intensify. this is the eastern seaboard right here, you got bermuda right there. what we anticipate the storm doing is if we were to extrapolate is path, extend it further, it might go between bermuda and the eastern seaboard. that would be a great scenario. it would bring heavy surf action to the eastern seaboard but that's better than a direct hit. still there say lot that can change over the next 12 to 24 to 36 hours. the storm could get ch stronger, could get weaker, it may fade out altogether. that last option, let's lohope that plays out.
7:13 am
stms will stick around for a good part of the midday hours. what we can expect later onwill be right behind that seaystem, area of dryer air moving into the tennessee valley. for our friends in nashville tuning in, louisville, back to elkhart, indiana, perhaps to chicago, dryer air will move into the region. that will feel comfortable for along the gulf coast, though, still humid for you. austin, scattered showers along sixth street for the afternoon and to the wes still seeing the fires that continue to rage. looks like humidity might be a little bit higher today, the winds a bit weaker. that should help the firefighters, that could change by midweek. mperatures very quickly, string of t90s expected along te coast from houston back to new orleans. even tampa 93 degrees, expectedi high. mii, showers possible with 90. 71 in seattle. 78 in los angeles and 71 in new yo and into boston. all right, that is the latest on your forecast, t.j. back to you. >> kind sir, we appreciate it. a little something you may not know about reynolds wolf,
7:14 am
a dancing machine. when he's out in the field, during the commercial breaks, the part you don't see, you would not believe. he dances and dances and dances. but a lot of people not that comfortable with their dance moves. so there is a new study out now that possibly holds the key to making sure you have all the rit moves. josh, clearly reynolds is not one that needs any help. >> this is why i'm insisting that reynolds joins us when we look at this. some day we'll grab that video and put it on tv. look at this guy. researchers are saying that these are the moves of -- that women liked. i'm going to explain the deal behind this weird-looking completely genderless dancing machine and why peoplell over the world are now watching that. ♪ [ male announcer ] you're at the age where you don't get thrown by curve balls. ♪ this is the agef owowing how to get things done. so why would you let something like erectile dysfunction get in your way?
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7:17 am
all guys dancing and took their moves and they mapped them on to these things. show the first video. they wanted to create this, like, featureless, genderless figure so women wouldn't be turned on by physical features. so theyth watched this daannce these are all the bad moves. they created this video now, if you're dancing like this on the dance floor, the women didn't like it. >> y're walking out of the club, aren't you? >> confused. >> looks like he's looking for a bathroom or something. >> the problem is, the good dancer, go to the next one, this is the one they liked. i am surprised. here is the ,thing, i know, and when they looked at it, they said that the moves that the women liked involved the right knee and the left wrist and shoulder. >> what is that woman into? >>hat dancer is saying, hey, i'm a pisces. i'm down for it. that's right. bring it on. yeah.
7:18 am
>> north umbria university, they got this 35 won, and when they i watched the figures, this is what they said -- g back to the good moves again. >> what university? >> north umbria university in w england. >> good football team. >> that'what they're known for. maybe they'll be known for their dancing now. my concern is that guys will take this advice literally and start dancing like these guys from a night at the roxbury. you look at how they break it down, it is the wayou move your neck, the way you move your knee, to this video. ht at the roxbury." this is what not to do. >> this was over in great britain. is it possible the women over there like something differently from what the women like here? we have two women -- with on our floor and everybody, all the people in our studio and our contl room right now are saying, no, we don't like that. >> i kind of agree with josh. sometimes moves can help. mrs. wolf, one of the first time i met her, i did a bounce move, and i was down with it. her respse was, what the hell
7:19 am
is wrong with you? it. was basically but it translates into marriage. >> maybe you need to doore with the left wrist and the right knee and the left shoulder and the neck. >> maybe so. >> surprisingly, if you waaka a little advice, take a look at this one, the professor in rocky horror picture show, noto far off. ♪ time >>a for the end ♪ >> just a jump to the left. put your hands on your hips. >> oh, wow. see, some of the moves in here actually similar to the good dancing guy there. >> wow. okay. th's good stuff. >> our floor director, he's like, what's going on here? >> i haven'tthfound any women i the building that agree with the good dancer guy. >> i don't think you will. >> maybe it is behind clod doors. >> that video of the dude, the faceless, it is good he doesn't have a face probably. do we have the video? i see it behind us.
7:20 am
>> he's flopping around. >> that's just -- >> that's sexy? >> apparently this is the way -- i know, and i'mso waiting for someone to get in touch with us, go ahead, we're all on facebook an d twitter, message us, tell s if this does it for you. maybe secretly, you know? >> i think it is not dancing. it is -- >> all the lifrns anks are ther watch the video yourself, find out all the stuff you're supposed to . we're going to take a break. reynolds is going to break it down in here. >> before we go to break. start, start. ♪ ♪ automatic systematic ♪ ♪ where'd you learn to do that so well. ♪ the new cadillac srx.
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22 minutes past the hour now. a look at some of the stories making headlines. mexican police on a nationwide manhunt today for 85 inmates who escaped from a prison in a border city of reynosa. the men used a ladder to clear a ll on friday and disappeared into the surrounding neighborhood or possibly crossed over the border into mcallen, texas. 44 corrects officers at the prison have been detained or suspended on suspicion of corruption. police consider many of the espees drug cartel members or hit men for drug ngangs. al in kentucky, a man shot and killed five people before killing himself there. and police say this all started as a domestic argumen the ap reporting that the man became enraged over the way his wife cooked his eggs. investigators idtified the shooter at stanley neace.
7:24 am
they say he shot and killed his wife, stepson and three others. police heard a gunshot as they pulled up to neace's tiler and found him dead on the front porch. also, a barge hauling away what didn't work. that is the blowout preventer you're seeing on that barge, folks. the blowout preventer, you know, that didn't prevent a blowout of any kind. this i the broken 300 ton piece of equipment that should have prevented the pipeline gusher that led to the gulf oil disaster. crews pulled it off the ocean floor a week ago. engineers will try to find out why it failed in april and allowed millions of gallons of oil to spew into the gulf.
7:25 am
7:26 am
now, 25 minutes past the hour now. september 11th, a lot of people had themi annirsary yesterday on those attacks, on the planes coming across the skies over new york and washington, d.c. someol tense moments for folks yesterday in houston who had that on their mind on the september 11th anniversary. the ninth anniversary. this is what they saw above them. in the sky e le there? that w a large plane that was circling the city. people started calling the police department. they didn't know what was going on there in houston. it was actually nasa. nasa was testing a plane doing some earth surveys and test maneuvers, taking some air samples as well. officials at the bush international airport say those flights happen all thoue time, t as you can imagine, reynolds, on september 11th, on the anniversary, it caused some alarm there in houston. people started making some calls. >> my gosh. it is so weird, you know, wh 9/11 has meant to this country in terms of so many things. i was watchi ining coverage las
7:27 am
night, it is hard to believe that we had air stoppage. it was early in the administration when they had air force one flyinglose to -- small little things like that, that any other time you wouldn't think would be a big deal a nd now it is huge. >> we're told all this stuff. it is a different world. reynolds and i will be back at the top of the hour with more live news for you. but first, we'll handhis thing over to sanjay gupta. we'll see you back hershory. when you approach things from a different perspective, you don't end up with just another car. you end up with the all-new saab 9-5 luxury sport sedan.
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